Your video is unique. It could be a testimonial or lifestyle video. The style could be live action or animated. Maybe it's something completely different. The chance to do something different every day is the reason we do what we do. Check out the work we've done so far, then tell us all about your project!


Stratasys // CBMTI

The Stratasys J750 PolyJet 3D printer is capable of printing multiple colors and textures in a single print. CBMTI is using the J750 to create medical training models that prepare surgeons for real life procedures. We visited them at the University of Malaysia to capture their story.

Video: Jonathan Miller & Luke J. Ogrodnik
Edit: Jonathan Miller

Stacker 3D // S2 Kickstarter

Stacker 3D is back with the industrial-grade Stacker S2! Check out their Kickstarter page and website for more info.

Video: Luke J. Ogrodnik & Jonathan Miller
Edit: Luke J. Ogrodnik


Motion Reel

Stand-alone motion projects, or supporting graphics for a live action production. Come make moves with us.

Just Bare Chicken // Quincy Street Kitchen

A quick recipe from Chef George Duran and our friends at Just Bare Chicken